Sun Protection Body Oil

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Tamanu oil, Red Raspberry seed oil, Pomegranate seed oil, and essential oils of Helichrysum and Myrrh.

2 oz bottle $15.00 +tax.  Contact Bobbi to order.

Pomegranate and Red Raspberry seed oils offer sun blocking capabilities along with being rich with anti-oxidants that are good for our skin.  Tamanu has some of these abilities as well and it is very toning and supportive of good circulation.  Coconut oil is nourishing to the skin and offers some SPF, Helichrysum also has some sun protection factors as well as being a top notch oil for your skin improving microcirculation.  Myrrh is long time revered for it‚Äôs uplifting and revitalizing of body and mind.

Along with protecting yourself from the sun you get many other therapeutic benefits.

I did not have it tested for an SPF factor, Tamanu, red raspberry, pomegranate, coconut oil, helichrysum, and Myrrh all have sun protection qualities

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