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Caring for our environment and animals we choose to eat leads to healthier food and better sustainability.  You can “vote” everyday by where you spend your money.   Please let the big food manufacturers know that you believe in humane treatment of animals and you care about the Earth and the soil our food is grown in, you can do this by caring where you buy your food.  Sadly most grocery store food (including grocery stores like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, etc.) do not sell humane food.

You don’t have to be vegetarian — I choose to be vegetarian to not support the way our animals are treated by the large food manufacturers — known as CAFOs (Confined or concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) — but I still buy meat for my daughter and dog.  I choose to pay more and buy meat from local farmers and butchers who love their animals.  They are all grass fed and pastured, living happy normal animal lives.  We now know that grass fed meat is much better for you than grain fed meat; better health is only part of the reason for choosing to purchase humane meat and vegetables grown in earthy soil . . .

Suffering animals = suffering us.  The huge suffering food animals must endure we will feel also, one way or another.  Choosing to make wise purchases with your food dollars is the best way to ensure the safety of our food supply and the reduction of suffering for us all.

If you live in the Central PA area it is easy to find local farmers!  Here are just a few:

Dairy, beef, and pork:

Sunset Valley Farm

chicken and turkey:
Dancing Creek farm 717/543-8393

Organic fresh local vegetables:

If you are unaware of how food animals are treated here is Paul McCartney to tell you about it:

Here is a much shorter little piece by an artist wanting to bring awareness to how animals suffer on their ride from the farm to the butcher — they spend many many hours on the road with no food or water, under extreme temperatures — many animals die on their way to the butcher.

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